2004 Grants

weaving by Jan Bowman  tapestry weaving - Fiona Hutchinson woven tapestry by Susan Mowatt woven wall hanging by Laura Thomas

Jan Bowman
£1800 for materials and lighting component costs for spatial divides.

Fiona Hutchinson
£3000 for studio rental, materials, photography/documentation and living expenses whilst weaving piece for exhibition.

Susan Mowatt
£2400 for studio rental and childcare for 12 weeks to weave piece for exhibition in Budapest.

Laura Thomas
£4000 towards a computer operated loom to develop work.

2002 Grants

Carol Dunbar
£4500 for time to research and develop new work.

Seiko Kinoshita
£2000 for a dobby loom and materials.

Heidi Lichterman
£3750 for a three month sabbatical for research and experimentation.

Michelle McGarvey
£1145 for research and development and documentation.

Anne Satow
£2000 for time to reassess and develop new work.

2014, 2016 and 2018 Grants

2010 and 2012 Grants

2006 and 2008 Grants

A Legacy in Weaving gives an account of the weavers who received grants from 1991 to 2000. It is available for purchase. Details can be found on the resources page.