2008 Grants

catalogue - Jo Barker weaving - Lucy Brown new work by Jilly Edwards

Jo Barker
£1500 as a contribution towards costs of producing a catalogue to accompany solo exhibition.

Lucy Brown
£1000 for materials for developing a new body of work for a solo exhibition.

Jilly Edwards
£2000 for a sabbatical to reassess creative nature of her work.

woven fabrics by Tim Parry-Williams tapestry weaving - Jacy Wall weaving by Diedre Wood

Tim Parry-Williams
£3400 towards a 24 shaft NC Harris loom plus fittings and reeds.

Jacy Wall
£2000 to research and develop theme of 'mending' to start new body of tapestry work.

Deirdre Wood
£2500 for purchase of materials and period of experimental development into weaving large woven circles from strips.

2006 Grants

tapestry weaving detail - Jo Barker 3D tapestry weaving - Helen Foroughi detail of tapestry weaving by Jilly Edwards

Jo Barker
£2880 to visit Wissa Wassef Tapestry School and Coptic Museum in Egypt, buy computer and materials and attend two screen printing courses.

Helen Foroughi
£2500 for time to experiment and develop work and to buy materials.

Hillu Liebelt
£3500 for a research trip to Japan.

2014, 2016 and 2018 Grants

2010 and 2012 Grants

2002 and 2004 Grants

A Legacy in Weaving gives an account of the weavers who received grants from 1991 to 2000. It is available for purchase. Details can be found on the resources page.