2012 Grants

work by Louise Renae Anderson weaving by Sara Brennan weaving by Daisy Williamson

Louise Renae Anderson
£3000 to contribute towards her research project in weaving and fashion.

Sara Brennan
£2600 to provide time to develop a new body of work, materials and studio rent.

Daisy Williamson
£650 to attend some weaving workshops.

work by Katie Russell weaving by Jenie Parry

Katie Russell
£650 - to attend a weaving course and buy yarns.

Jennie Parry
£580 - to fund the purchase of a 3 level takadai.

2010 Grants

work by Jane Brunning weaving by Linda Green

Jane Brunning
£1315 to fund a sketch and stitch workshop at West Dean and provide time to weave.

Linda Green
£2000 to 'buy time' to explore a new project on plant forms and weave a new body of work.

weaving by Shelly Goldsmith Bonnie Kirkwood in her studio weaving by Christine Sawyer

Shelly Goldsmith
£2000 to fund a trip to the Guislain Museum in Ghent and provide time to weave a new body of tapestry work.

Bonnie Kirkwood
£3000 to contribute towards the rental of a studio.

Christine Sawyer
£2000 to 'buy time' to create a new body of work.

2014. 2016 and 2018 Grants

2006 and 2008 Grants

2002 and 2004 Grants

A Legacy in Weaving gives an account of the weavers who received grants from 1991 to 2000. It is available for purchase. Details can be found on the resources page.