The following weavers were awarded grants in 2018

Christine Sawyer
£500.00 Christine will use her grant to purchase yarns to develop a new body of tapestry weaving based around her strong environmental interests in global warming. She will also develop work around her interest in microbiological research of algal blooms and plant structures.

Tim Parry-Williams
£1,000 An established hand weaver, Tim has been awarded this grant towards studio rental to develop hand woven linen hand towels for exhibition at the 2018 Linen Biennale in Northern Ireland. He will also be looking to research and establish links with the linen industry in Northern Ireland.

Alastair Duncan
£2,500 An established tapestry weaver who will use his grant to continue the development of a body of work combining metal and barb wire and interactive audio elements within the tapestry. His work is currently in the British Tapestry Group Sound and Weave exhibition.

Rachel Johnston
£1,000 Rachel creates increasingly structural and solid woven sculptural work using a scaffold loom and yarns that give texture and bulk. Her grant will allow her to fund materials to develop a new body of work for exhibition.

Llio James
£2,700 A young Welsh hand weaver, Llio is working with a local traditional Welsh woollen mill to produce blankets, and other fabric as well as weaving her own contemporary bespoke designs that have a strong Welsh reference. She will use her grant to convert her current AVL Dobby Loom to a Compu Dobby. This will allow her greater flexibility and to increase the efficiency of the design and weaving process.

Alison Mitchell
£3,000 Alison, in her lifetime as a weaver, has long been interested in the highly traditional and specialised tsumugi hand spun silk ikat kimono industry on the small island of Kumejima off the coast of Japan. She will use her grant to fund an interpreter, who is herself a weaver, to complete her research for a book on the subject.

Rita Parniczky
£1,700 Rita is a young and developing artist weaver using a contemporary approach to weaving and fibres. She will use her grant to visit and receive mentoring from Sheila Hicks who is currently exhibiting at the Centre Pomdidou is Paris and help towrads studio rent.

The following weavers were awarded grants in 2016

Tender Filum (detail) by Cos Ahmet

Cos Ahmet
£1275 for materials, yarn and promotional material for a new body of work.

Louise R Anderson
£3000 contribution towards the purchase of a new loom.

Bonnie Kirkwood's loom weaving by Christine Porath Glyphs and Loops text-tiles by Katherine Swailes

Bonnie Kirkwood
£5000 contribution towards the purchase of a new loom.

Christine Porath
£1875 towards attending a master class in weave design.

Katherine Swales
£764 for materials and studio rent.

Louise Tucker fine silk weaving with calligraphy Sally Weatherill's new loom

Louise Tucker
£500 for purchase of yarn for a research and development project exploring light and pattern.

Rezia Wahid
£1800 for research and development, materials and yarn to delevop a new body of work.

Sally Weatherill
£2190 for purchase of a Louet Megado mechanical dobby loom.

The following weavers were awarded grants in 2014

work by Laura Adburgham weaving by Julieann Worrall Hood weaving by Louise Martin

Laura Adburgham
£2000 contribution towards the purchase of a computerised dobby loom.

Julieann Worrall Hood
£1650 for studio rent for eleven months.

Louise Martin
£1500 for a research and study trip to Iceland.

work by Philip Sanderson weaving by Stacie Sheeran weaving by Christine Sawyer

Philip Sanderson
£1300 for studio time to develop new work.

Stacie Sheeran
£1000 to purchase experimental yarns.

Christine Sawyer
£550 for promotional material and to attend a Touring Exhibition Group marketplace.

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A Legacy in Weaving gives an account of the weavers who received grants from 1991 to 2000. It is available for purchase. Details can be found on the resources page.